10 Must Have Items For Any Baseball Fan

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Baseball season is officially underway. Here are 10 must-have items for any self-respecting fan of the great American pastime.

Beerbelly Stealth Beverage System: $35


Eight bucks for a beer inside a stadium? Come on. The Beerbelly pays for itself in less than five beers. You wear it under your shirt and it holds 80 ounces of liquid. Will your belly beer stay cold all afternoon? Probably not but, hey, eight bucks is eight bucks. If they sold warm beer for $2 at the stadium, you’d buy it over the cold $8 beer.

MLB.TV: Starting at $20 per month

mlb I live in Boston but my beloved Minnesota Twins are never on TV out here. What’s a nice, mild-mannered Midwesterner to do? For $20 per month, I can get live broadcasts of all the games around the league through MLB.TV. For $5 more, I can pause and rewind them, watch the home or away broadcast, and follow four games at once in split-screen.

Liveboard: $200


With a handsome design and no monthly fees, the Liveboard live baseball scoreboard cycles through any games currently taking place or you can set it to display the real-time score whenever your favorite team is playing.

2010 Official Baseball Rules Book: $10

rules Baseball is a game of rules. Many, many rules. Try explaining baseball to someone who’s never played before. It’s like trying to teach French to a doorknob. What the hell does the doorknob want to learn French for? He barely speaks as is and he’s well aware that you’re never taking him to France. Quit jerking him around with all this France talk. Now where was I? Ah, yes. The baseball rules book contains all the rules of baseball.

Beats by Dr. Dre Red Sox Edition Headphones from Monster: $400


You have money and you’re a Red Sox fan. I have only the Red Sox fan angle working for me, personally, but for anyone else in New England with a cool $400 to spend on headphones, we now have our go-to Red Sox cans.

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