7 Must Have iPad Accessories

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Let the flood of iPad accessories begin! In the little research I’ve done for this list, I noticed that the majority of accessories weren’t built specifically for the iPad. The majority are ones for netbooks. It’s a scam, people! There really aren’t very many must-haves for the oversized iPhone. However, I found the following five doohickeys to be useful or clever.

Update: We’ll be adding to this list as we go.

1. Apple iPad Case $39

Aside from the logo on the front cover, Apple’s iPad case is without a doubt the best case available right now. They’re not an accessories manufacturer, so whatever accessory they do end up producing is generally very well designed with high quality materials. The iPad case is no different. It’s tough in all the right places and its versatility knows no bounds. I do worry that the slit in the back of the case that the front cover slides into could eventually get weak, but that’s neither here nor there.

2. Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit $29

Some might say the iPad is a glorified digital picture frame and they wouldn’t be too far off with such a comment, which is why Apple has a camera connection kit coming out later this month. You can transfer JPEG and RAW images from your camera directly to your iPad without ever having to sync with your PC or Mac. The kit actually includes two connectors: USB and SD. I’m pretty excited about this one.

3. Cocoon Gramercy Messenger Sling $29.99

Cocoon makes an interesting variety of bags and cases for countless gadgets, but the “GRID-IT” organization system found in all of their bags puts them a nose in front of everyone else. My gadget bag is a complete mess and I could definitely use a GRID-IT panel to keep all my cords and other doodads organized. The Gramercy is an economical sling bag that easily accommodates your iPad and slew of accessories. I don’t know about that clear media pocket they have going on in the front, but everything else seems up to snuff.

4. iLuv Durable Ultra Thin Clear Case $29.99

My ongoing love affair with clear cases is sickening and actually started back in the mid-90s when the only thing I carried around was a pager. And that’s exactly why iLuv’s clear case makes this list. It comes with a stand and lets you be that guy/gal at the coffee shop.

5. Incase Travel Kit Plus $59.95

Think of Incase’s Travel Kit Plus as a hybrid of Apple’s iPad case with an integrated Cocoon GRID-IT organization system. Except you can probably throw in the whole kitchen sink, too. There’s enough room for cables, a stand, wireless keyboard and whatever else you want to tote around.

6. Apple Wireless Keyboard $69

A lot of folks prefer having a physical keyboard and Apple happens to make a dock/keyboard combo and a wireless keyboard that’s compatible with the iPad. But the freedom of having the wireless keyboard over the dock system is far more appealing for this nerd.

7. Belkin Speaker and Headphone Splitter $10

Rather than huddling around your iPhone to watch movies on the plane or train, you can watch them on your iPad! Belkin’s headphone splitter makes sense when traveling with a significant other, friend, brother, child, dog, etc.

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