Diner Dash… in Space: Star Wars Cantina Hits iPhone

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The Star Wars Cantina sequence. It’s one of those things that divides Star Wars fans like Jedi and Sith. Either you think George Lucas achieved a nice blend of cute and gritty or you think pseudo-Muppets have no place in an action-adventure sci-fi epic.

Now, you’ll get to hold the watering hold from Episode IV in the palm of your hand with the Star War Cantina iPhone game from THQ Wireless. You’ll control adventurer/waitress Nia Adea as she tries to slake the thirst of patrons from all over the Star Wars galaxy, including Jawas, Stormtroopers and Hutts.

From the screens we’ve gotten, it looks like Cantina’s going to mash up the old-school Tapper arcade game with the ubiquitous Diner Dash for a full-service thirst-quenching experience. The game better have the Cantina theme, though. (It even sounds awesome on harp.) Cantina wouldn’t be a den of scum and villainy without it.