Halo: Reach Multiplayer Trailer Gets Explained, Stabs You in the Gut

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It’s official: Reach is going to ramp up Halo to a new level of crazy. The multiplayer trailer released by Bungie a while back teased a ton of new features including jetpacks and up-close-and-personal assassinations. Now, on Bungie.net, details get discussed about how some of these features will get used. Among the most interesting tidbits are:

• Armor Lock: Makes a player invulnerable but immobile. You’ll apparently generate  plasma grenades and will deflect projectiles. Exiting Armor Lock pumps put a EMP pulse area attack, which builds in strength in proportions to how long you stay in position.

• Active Camo: Both alien Covenant forces and the human Spartan soldiers can use this stealth skill. The slower you move, the harder you’ll be to spot. But, Active Camo shorts out other players’ ability to track you on radar, so they’ll know you might be lurking somewhere.

• Load Outs: In Halo: Reach, Load Outs will apparently be tweakable only with regard to the kind of match you’re playing. To quote Bungie:

Load Outs are not player created or defined, but rather playlist and/or game type specific. Essentially, they allow you to choose your Armor Ability, your starting primary and secondary weapons, and your grenade cache on the fly.

There’s a ton more info on Bungie’s official site about vehicles and new weapons . From the looks of it, Halo: Reach will be doing an insane amount of “pro vs. con” balancing with most of its features. All of this should make it a competitive player’s wet dream when the beta launches. Stay tuned for more Halo: Reach news in the coming weeks.