Red Letter Media at it Again With 90-Minute Review of Attack of the Clones

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He’s back.

Red Letter Media’s favorite film critic: the disturbed, yet intuitive Harry Plinkett sends Attack of the Clones through the shredder with this 90-minute review that picks apart nearly every detail of the Lucas film, all while revealing more the psychopath behind the voice.

Plinkett (you can even follow him on Twitter) is the alter-ego of flim maker Mike Stoklasa, and he’s certainly reinventing the art of film critique. While perusing the reasons behind Attack of the Clones’ ‘total failure’ as a feature film, Plinkett is offensive, clinically insane and entertaining as hell. Have you ever heard of a captivating film review, let alone one that could hold your attention for nearly as long as the length of the film it analyzes? (Steve, of course this doesn’t apply to you. Your reviews are brilliant.)

If Stoklasa’s reviews of The Phantom Menace or Avatar made you chuckle, the newest installment is a worthy time investment. (NSFW!) As Plinkett, Stoklasa talks in circles, but somehow still makes perfect sense.