The Daily Dose – 1918 Edition

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The Techland Interview – L. Frank Baum, Part 2

We continue our chat with fan favorite, as he gives us a peek at the latest Oz sequel, The Tin Woodman of Oz.  Baum takes on his controversial decision to bring back the ditzy Polychrome, the Rainbow’s Daughter, and finally dishes the dirt about the dark past of everyone’s favorite axe-man, Nick Chopper.

• The Apple Rumor Mill – Problems with Golden Delicious?

The apple community is buzzing about the company’s decision to delay this much-anticipated yellow – that’s right – yellow version of the uber-popular handheld edible fruit.  Whatever the reason for the Golden Delicious holdup, P.C. (Plum & Cherry) users will laughing their asses off. Fruit fans are waiting for a win, after the disappointment of the blackberry storm, when all the blackberries were blown away by a storm.

• Techland Exclusive: Charlie Chaplin to Release Director’s Cut of Shoulder Arms

Is Chaplin testing the audience’s patience by putting out a version of his Great War blockbuster that clocks in at a whopping 52 minutes?

• Comics Strips on Our Pull List

Toonerville Folks, Polly and Her Pals, Bringing Up Father, The Teenie Weenies

• 10 Dry Plate Field Cameras Worth Buying Right Now

The Blair Lucidograph Champion, Burke & James Ingento, Roebuck & Co. Optical Perfection Viewing Camera and other stuff we love!

• Techland Roundup

MOVIES: Fatty Arbuckle to star in only nine more films this year – is Roscoe slowing down?

GAMING: Our spies demo the new Parcheesi and its… rectangle box!

HOME ENTERTAINMENT: Things I Didn’t Know Existed Until Today: opera on the radio

CULTURE: Fans protest reboot of the classic Bobbin Road A Rocking-Horse

BOOKS: Five things you need to know about Gertrude Barrows Bennett

SEWING MACHINES: Can the Singer Electric live up to the hype?