Leaked 7- And 10-inch Dell Tablets Not Coming That Soon

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Dell is slowly ambling its way into the tablet arena. This summer we’ll see the Dell Streak 5, an unfortunately-named 5-inch Android tablet that’ll feature AT&T 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. That’s a decently sized screen but the 800×480 resolution may leave people wanting more.

In that spirit, Dell will also be launching 7- and 10-inch tablets, presumably called the Streak 7 and Streak 10. According to leaked documents, the 7-inch version will apparently launch late this year and the 10-inch version won’t be available until early next year. That’s a long, long, long time to wait for a 10-inch tablet from Dell, assuming we’ll be inundated with 10-inch tablets in the coming months from companies trying to make a dent in the iPad’s slice of the tablet market.

Dell also took its time with netbooks, though. Its first “Mini 9” shipped out in mid-September 2008 when just about every other company had put out a netbook out in June or earlier. Looks like the company may be taking a similar approach with large-screen tablets.