4th Gen iPhone Found In Redwood City Bar, Supposedly

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While we wait for Apple to throw down a cease and desist on Gizmodo, we may as well indulge in the scant details of the 4th generation iPhone that was found over the weekend in a Redwood City bar. I’m surprised this hasn’t already happened or is Gizmodo pulling one over on us?

It’s different than every other iteration of the iPhone in almost every way.

• 4.50 x 2.31 x 0.37 inches
• Front facing camera
• Camera flash
• Micro-SIM
• “Improved display”
• 3 grams heavier than the 3GS (137 grams)
• Smaller screen than 3GS
• 16 percent larger battery (5.25 WHr at 3.7V)
• Recognized as an iPhone in OS X System Profiler, Xcode and iTunes
• Back casing is completely flat and could be made of ceramic, glass or plastic
• Possible secondary noise cancellation mic


But I’m wondering why Gizmodo hasn’t taken photos or video of the purported 4th gen iPhone with the “Connect to iTunes” screen. Why haven’t they powered it on for everyone else to see? Hmm?

And now Jonathan Ive is chiming in via Twitter.