Better Than Pandora: The Most Memorable Sci-Fi Planets

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Avatar hits DVD today so be sure to check out our interview with both director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau, published today, in which they discuss two Avatar sequels and the Blu-ray revival of the blockbuster got all of us over here at Techland pretty excited about a return trip to Pandora.

Avatar didn’t just give us a great 3D spectacle, it also gave birth to what might be the most thoroughly envisioned fictional planet in movie history. The details on Pandora, from the humanoids to the animals to the flora, are so well detailed and nuanced that it’s no wonder some fans got depressed at the end of the movie. Walking out of the film into a black theater parking lot is kind of a downer, when you’ve just been flying on dragons by day and wading through bioluminescent lagoons by night.

Here in Techland headquarters, Pandora sparked a debate among us, as to what are the all-time best sci-fi worlds. Consider this only our first draft of a definitive list. Peruse our planets, and be sure to chime in as we update for round II. This is a group effort, and we welcome your additions.

So here we go around the universe, in 80 words (or less):