The Techland Show: Han Shot First Edition

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Not that it matters to most of you, but we have no idea where Lev Grossman is. If you’ve seen him, please tell him to come home. We miss him. And so does Church.

What better way to spend your Fridays than watching a bunch of yayhoos talking about tech, comics, movies and the like? It’s not like you’re doing all that much at work anyway.

Allie reluctantly joined me this week for the Techland Show, but she wouldn’t shut up about her exclusive Louisa May Alcott rejection letter, so I had no choice. The iPhone debacle was just too damn intriguing to not talk about and Roger Ebert needs to stick to his own area of expertise and leave the gaming commentary to others. And I hate George Lucas for ruining what fond memories of my childhood I have left. Han shot first, dude!

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