Bust A Move: Our Favorite Sci-Fi Dance Scenes

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In honor of National Dance Week, we decided to bring you a list of some of our favorite sci-fi dance scenes because the only thing better than a monster, is one with the inclination to shake what its mama gave it.

Teen Wolf (1985)


As werewolf Scott Howard, Michael J. Fox did what few geeks had done before: start a dance craze at a high school prom.

Young Frankenstein (1974)


A hilarious dance scene worthy of this amazing film. Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle are spectacular.

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire (2005)


Ahh, first dances. I love the way the Yule Tide Ball brings out the hormones and awkward adolescence in the group.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller (1983)


I firmly believe this will never be outdone. Unless you’ve seen the Bollywood parody, but that’s another matter…

Casper (1995)


This is an entirely sweet moment in a film that was surprisingly good.