Legend of the Seeker Canceled, I Mourn

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It sure is sad news, but I have to tell you that it looks like Legend of the Seeker has been axed after only two seasons.

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Entertainment Weekly wrote earlier that they’ve heard the news from multiple sources, and though I want to wait for the official word before I sulk, the decision only seemed inevitable after the Tribune Company announced it would drop the show from syndication in its markets.

Based on Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, the show may have been doomed early on. The height of the syndicated fantasy era seemed to fizzle out with Hercules and Xena, and not even Sam Raimi serving as executive producer could ensure Seeker‘s success. Though the FX and fight scenes seemed high brow, the numbers continued to sink during the second season, and the show dipped out of the Top 25.

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Other than “See, this is why I hate TV!” I don’t have any comforting parting words as a fan. (Maybe I’ll save them for the show’s finale, which is set to air May 22.) But I will ask this: How is it that Heroes will snag a renewal, if Legend of the Seeker must be shut down? Damn you, TV gods, damn you.