Hive Mind: What We’re Looking Forward To In May

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April, we hardly knew ye.

iPhonegate continues to be the biggest story of the month. Are you as sick of it as us? Multi-tasking. Finally. Speaking of Apple, how’s that iPad working out for you? You did see the video of the 99-year-old Oregon woman with her iPad, right? Or Green Day’s response?

Who’s giddy for an HP webOS tablet? *this guy* Microsoft revealed part 2 of their Windows Phone revival with the KIN, you know, for kids.

Ebert wouldn’t shut up about video games being art and we can’t wait to use bodies as shields again. Activision and Infinity Ward broke up and now they’re teaming up with Bungie.

Kick-Ass came and went. We all liked it. The one-sheet for Technotise is…amazing! Whedon directing The Avengers could be amazing. Who is the newest Doctor? All we want is for Lucas to release the original trilogy on Blu-ray without all the extra crap.

Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow, so you should read this primer now. It turns out that the Losers date back to the 50s and WonderCon was a blasty blast.

Summer is almost upon us. Here’s what the Hive Mind is looking forward to in May.