Top Ten Monday Tech Deals

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Monday, you go away for just long enough that we all forget about you, then–BAM!—here you are again. Well played, Monday, but you can’t keep this up forever… or can you? Our only recourse for now is to browse gadget deals left behind by Sunday; a day that’s far cooler than you, Monday.

This week’s deals include a refurbished Core i3 notebook for $360, a gigantic 42-inch LED-backlit TV for $800, and a netbook for $98. Notice I didn’t say a good netbook, but if you want to be able to say you own a netbook and you have $98 then this is your best option.

1. Refurbished 15.6-inch Acer notebook with Intel Core i3 CPU: $359.59 (OfficeMax – available new from Office Depot for $500, see below)

2. LG 42-inch LED-backlit HDTV: $799.99 (hhgregg)

3. Visual Land 7-inch ARM/WinCE netbook: $98 (

4. 15.6-inch Acer netbook with Intel Core i3 CPU: $499.99 (Office Depot)

5. Sony Blu-ray Player: $129.99 with code 3A825 (Crutchfield)

6. Logitech Harmony 700 Universal Remote: $119.99 (Best Buy)

7. Western Digital 1.5TB external hard drive: $99.99 with code R$V4SKSMSNLJ1K (

8. Optoma PK100 Pico Projector: $159.99 (

9. Garmin Nuvi 205 GPS: $79.97 (Sears)

10. iRobot Roomba 560: $299.99 (Best Buy)