Sony Adds Trackpad, New Colors to VAIO P Ultraportables

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Sony’s VAIO P series is kind of in a category of its own. At 1.4 pounds with a 1600×768 resolution 8-inch screen, the computer packs netbook features into a tiny body while commanding a very non-netbook price tag of $800.

What you get for your money, though, is one of the most portable computers available. Sony’s newest revision to the VAIO P  line brings an Intel Atom Z540 CPU at 1.86GHz, Windows 7 Home Premium, 2GB of RAM, 64GB flash drive, two USB ports, SD card and Memory Stick expansion slots, GPS, Wi-Fi/3G/Bluetooth networking, webcam, and five hours of battery.

Sony’s also added a trackpad to complement the built-in eraserhead mouse stick. The new trackpad is located in the lower-right portion of the screen bezel (see above photo) with the mouse buttons situated in the lower-left section. The VAIO P is also available in new colors, too: black, white, orange, pink, and green. It’s apparently available for pre-order now, although Sony’s site still seems to be featuring the older version. No word on a specific availability date but that info will likely be available once the new page is up.