Romero Dreams of Back-To-Back ‘Survival of the Dead’ Sequels

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George A. Romero loves his zombie films, and apparently he’s got even more visions of the undead tucked away in the corners of his imagination. His newest movie, Survival of the Dead, is slated to hit theaters in May 28. But over at Shock Till You Drop, the director spills the beans that he has hatched a plan for at least two more Dead projects, that he would ideally love to shoot back-to-back as a two-part storyline.

Romero says that the new films would tie up the themes he’s been developing in his most recent titles, suggesting that Survival and the next two chapters would create a whole second arc in the Romero cannon. His first four films would be chapter one, and what began with Diary of the Dead would become chapter two. (See Techland’s zombie of the week)

I haven’t seen Survival of the Dead yet, so I don’t have much to offer on the zombie movie front. But I’ve really been enjoying the schlocky B-movies that Romero has been producing lately for Syfy, and as far as I’m concerned, Friday nights were made for Romero zombie thrills. So if he wants to make two more all I can say is giddyup.