Steven Spielberg Copying James Cameron With Terra Nova?

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Steven Spielberg is definitely coming to Fox.

When the network rolled out its midseason lineup, there was Terra Nova, right at the top of the roster – an action series set in prehistoric times, following a family that ventures back in time to save all of humanity

It all sounds well and good – ensuring that Spielberg will be able to break out the dinosaurs on a planetary scale, even as the tension is ratcheted up with the involvement of “24” writers Brannon Braga and David Fury. But yesterday, even as the THR reported the involvement of a designer who worked on Avatar, the network released this concept art (above), which, yes, looks an awful lot like Avatar.

Maybe that’s just a testament to how well James Cameron visualized an entire fictional world. Or maybe it’s proof that the Avatar influence is going to be with us for years to come – in ways that we fully haven’t comprehended. Either way, it sort of looks like we’ve done this before.

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