Never Mind Warehouse 13/Eureka, Here Are 5 Better Syfy Crossovers

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With Syfy announcing yesterday that characters from Warehouse 13 and Eureka will be swapping series this August, I started thinking about the other possibilities of crossovers from the dyslexic network.

The Warehouse 13/Eureka crossover sounds less Crisis on Infinite Earths than Spider-Man accidentally wandering into the Baxter Building while Reed Richards is working on some ridiculous and dangerous experiment; Eureka‘s Douglas Fargo guests on Warehouse 13‘s August 3rd episode, and then W13‘s Claudia Donovan returns to favor by guesting on Eureka‘s August 6th episode, but without any seeming shared storyline (While the nerd in me appreciates the shared universe aspect of this, I wonder if there’ll be any comment about the three Eureka actors who played different characters in W13‘s first season last year?). This, clearly, doesn’t go far enough – unlike the following five ideas:

Sanctuary/Warehouse 13
An organization that searches for Abnormals – non-human sentient creatures – and tries to help them and a warehouse that houses all manner of supernatural, alien or just plain weird and freaky objects that science can’t easily explain? You can’t tell me there’s no story potential there (Most obviously: For some reason, the Sanctuary team has to break into Warehouse 13 to retrieve some object belonging to a creature they’ve taken under their wing). Of course, the Sanctuary cast would have to deal with some non-CGI’ed sets for a change, so I’m not sure how that would work out for them. Amanda Tapping is now 75% CGI, of course.

Syfy’s secret genius town and Syfy’s upcoming secret supernatural (and based on a Stephen King novella, which has to earn it some points) town, both with law enforcement professionals from outside having to deal with fitting in and the locals. What if there was some way the two could come into some kind of rivalry or conflict? Science versus faith! You know you want it.

Stargate Universe/Battlestar Galactica
If nothing else, SGU clearly really, really wants to be BSG, so any kind of crossover would be some kind of wish-fulfillment for those involved on their side. But now that we know that BSG ultimately resulted in “our” Earth, and that SGU takes place in a relatively contemporary “our” universe, would it be so impossible for the Destiny to discover some long-lost ancient Cylon artifact floating out in the middle of nowhere…?

Caprica/WWE Smackdown
All I’m saying is this: Zoe the Protocylon versus all of the wrestlers at once. While Daniel Graystone watches from the sidelines and complains that it’s not as fun as Pyramid.

Every Syfy Original Monster Movie Ever Made
Yeah, like you wouldn’t watch a movie starring Mansquito, Blood Monkey, Mega Snake, and all the other ridiculous monsters that Syfy’s Saturday night movies have come up with over the years. They can team up against humanity or just fight amongst themselves, I don’t care; just add in someone like Michael Shanks as the token human, and everything will be fine.

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