Apple Cancels “Hi, I’m a Mac” Commercials

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It looks like Apple has finally shuttered its Get a Mac campaign once and for all, pulling it from its site today.

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Even the gallery of the Get a Mac ads, featuring personified versions of Mac (Justin Long) and PC (John Hodgman), were removed and instead, the site redirects to a Why You’ll Love a Mac page. The award-winning campaign started in 2006 rolled out its last installment of commericals in October of 2009, and though Long revealed that the ad series was to be no more last month, this is definitely the confirmation we’ve been waiting for. Still, judging by the Get a Mac success, it seems likely that Apple will continue its TV presence, though no announcements have been made.

So long Mac & PC guys, it’s been a great run.

[via MacRumors]