HP: No WebOS on Netbooks, Slate by October

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Though HP has confirmed that it’ll load Palm’s webOS on tablet PCs and even printers, Monty Wong of HP Taiwan has said that the company’s netbooks will not be running the mobile-friendly operating system “since netbooks are more similar in functions with traditional computers,” according to DigiTimes.

Also, the HP Slate that we were all expecting to see in June apparently may not show up until October now, presumably so HP can rework it with webOS instead of Windows 7. I’m still hoping that HP will load both webOS and Windows 7 on the Slate, personally, but we’ll see what happens.

HP hasn’t set an actual date for the revamped Slate beyond saying it’ll be available before the end of its fiscal year, which is October 31st. So maybe tomorrow, maybe October 31st—sometime in between.

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