Pandigital Novel: Color Screen, Barnes & Noble Bookstore

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Hold the phone. Pandigital’s 7-inch “Novel” eBook reader has a color screen, full web browser, and access to Barnes & Noble’s online bookstore. I like it. It’s different. Novel, if you will.

You won’t enjoy the easy-on-the-eyes, week-long battery life that a reader with an electronic ink display gives you but the Novel weighs in at exactly one pound, runs Android on an ARM 11 CPU, and features a Wi-Fi connection and up to six hours of battery life. There’s one gigabyte of storage onboard with support for SD cards up to 32 gigabytes.

The screen’s got an 800×600 resolution and aside from the web browser, there’s also support for photos, videos, audio, calendar, alarm clock and more. Document support includes PDF, EPUB, and HTML, plus the aforementioned Barnes & Noble books.

Pricing is set at $200 and it’s expected to ship sometime in June, although an exact date hasn’t been set. I’m interested to see how well the web browser works on this thing. Aside from the eBook stuff, this has the potential to be a pretty decent couch tablet. One pound, half an inch thick? Yes please.

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