Students Turn College Observatory into R2D2

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Ah, college kids. The perfect mix of intelligence and idle time.

Here’s what happened, according to Facebook:

“Carleton’s Goodsell Observatory gets turned into R2D2 by an unknown group of enterprising students–complete with sound effects. All the ‘decorations’ appear to have been draped or taped onto the dome; there was no defacing with spray paint, etc.”

This all went down at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. As someone who grew up in Minnesota and happens to be a Star Wars fan, my emotions are indescribable at this time. The giant R2D2 covering apparently even made sounds, too. Judging by the Facebook comments it looks like it’s already been taken down, though we can all probably agree that a building shaped like R2D2 should absolutely have a proper R2D2 shell permanently.

via Nerd Approved

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