What To Expect From Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2010 Keynote

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Without fail, the month of June stands for two things – the start of summer and a new iPhone. Summer weather may be scattered throughout the country but one thing is for sure, Steve Jobs will take the stage Monday morning at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco and officially unveil the fourth generation iPhone. This one won’t be an incremental speed bump as evidenced by multiple hardware leaks and the iPhone OS 4 announcement but will it be magical? Is this the iPhone we’ve all been waiting for? For most, all signs point to yes.

Then again, Jobs could take the stage and not even mention the iPhone, but that might incite nerd riots and our puny physiques are no match for Moscone Center security. It’s also unlikely. Since his leave of absence and subsequent return in 2009, Jobs has only appeared on stage to reveal a new product and this one looks to be no different.

However, press invites for the keynote weren’t sent out via e-mail as they have been in the past. No, this time around phone calls were made and a handful of folks were left off the list – Gizmodo being the most noticeable. As one tech journo chum said to me last week, “this one has been weird.”

Whatever the case, we’ll be covering the keynote live starting at 12:30PM ET on 6/7.

Regardless, here’s what we can expect from Jobs’ keynote address.

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