What’s Your Favorite Goonies Moment?

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Do you remember the scene where Chunk is being held by the Fratellis and he confesses to them every slightly obnoxious thing he’s ever done? “Okay, I’ll talk. In third grade, I cheated on my history exam…” It still makes me smile.

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The Goonies is that rare breed of movie, the kind that can make you laugh until that sip of Pepsi shoots back up through your nose. And then, you keep right on laughing. It’s charm isn’t in big budget special effects or a magical world – it’s much simpler than that. The Goonies, at the core, is about a group of people who can’t give up, and it’s a group of plucky kids who bring that courage to the surface. We remember Chunk’s comic relief and quote Data’s one-liners, but there’s certainly more to the film than just a few well-placed jokes. I think it strikes you in that soft, vulnerable spot in your heart, and no matter how cynical we’d like to imagine ourselves to be, The Goonies makes you hope, and that, I think is why we still watch movies, even 25 years later.

Happy anniversary, Goonies. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Do you have a favorite Goonies moment? Character? Line? Share it with us!

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