Zombie vs. Strippers Flick Brings Out The Emoticon In Me :)

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Welcome to ‘Zombie of the Week,’ folks, where each week we’ll present you with a different brain-eating member of the undead that has captured our fancy. There is no methodology to our Zombie Awesomeness meter, just our own piqued interests. Got a zombie we should see? Comment below. No zombie is too small, too short-lived, or too gross.

Strippers vs. zombies? Oh Japan, I love you.

I’m not sure I’ve ever anticipated something so disgusting, unintelligent and painfully offensive – aside from maybe a Dan Brown novel. Though inside the zombieverse, where a penchant for the ridiculous will always reside, the high brow is best. But sometimes, you’ve got to take off the blinders, get giddy on Orange Crush, and behold the ridiculous.

The latest in a long line of zombie flicks turned into makeup heavy torture porns (accent on the porn part in this case) is Japanese film The Big Tits Zombie, slated for release in September.

I present the trailer to you now, without comment:


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