E3 2010: What We’re Looking Forward To

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Scott Pilgrim


It’s safe to say that the majority of video games based on movie and/or comic books generally stink but I can’t imagine Ubisoft screwing up an 8-bit adaption of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s wildly popular Scott Pilgrim series. If the game sucks then at least we’ll have a pretty kick-ass soundtrack from Anamanaguchi.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

I’d be remiss for not including LucasArts upcoming epic sequel to 2008’s The Force Unleashed considering I’m going through Jedi training at the moment. You guys saw the Betrayal trailer that debuted over the weekend, right? Oh, and I’m curios to see what sort of progress BioWare has made on The Old Republic.

Gears of War 3


I cannot tell a lie. Epic’s Gears franchise is by far my most favorite 3rd person shooter series of EVAR. Keeping my fingers crossed that the third installment – which includes female COGs – will be playable behind closed doors. Is this the new billion-dollar franchise for Microsoft now that Halo is all but done? If Josh Ortega is to be believed then we’re in for some pretty epic upcoming Gears titles.


Sony coyly showed us what Move is capable of doing a couple weeks back that left us both speechless and we may know a thing or two about what they plan to unveil during their press conference tomorrow.


First off, Kinect has to be the most wretched name possible for Project Natal. Why not keep it Project Natal? I’m really just looking forward to the Minority Report style dashboard navigation and that hawt Star Wars lightsaber dueling game from last night’s Kinect event.


Xbox 360 Slim

I don’t mind my “fatty” Xbox 360 but if the rumors are true, I’m really hoping they’ve managed to quiet down the beast. Built-in Wi-Fi and a beefy 250GB HDD would be super duper fantastic.

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