Apple Updates Mac Mini Line

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Remember the Mac Mini? It’s back! It was never actually gone, but there’s a newly updated version now. Apple promises that it’s been “completely redesigned” and although it looks similar to previously available models, the new line gets HDMI output, an SD card slot, a better graphics chipset from NVIDIA, and a cool removable bottom plate for easy memory upgrades.


Pricing starts at $699 for a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 320GB hard drive, and 2GB of RAM. The CPU, hard drive capacity, and RAM can all be bumped as part of a custom configuration with the price topping out at $999.


On the back, we can see a power plug, Ethernet port, Firewire port, HDMI output, external monitor connection, four USB ports, SD card slot, and audio ports. The power supply has been stuffed inside the computer now so there’s no power brick, just a single power cable. More details on Apple’s site.

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