Apple’s iPhone 4 Ship Date Gets Pushed to July 14th

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If you haven’t been following the iPhone 4 preordering fiasco, here’s a quick recap. Yesterday was the first day the phone could be preordered and the first units out the door were to arrive by June 24th. AT&T and Apple’s ordering systems were quickly overloaded, leading to mismatched customer account information, credit card numbers, and shipping addresses. AT&T eventually sent out a memo to its employees announcing that the preordering process was to be suspended temporarily.

Now it appears that the ship date on Apple’s website has been moved all the way out to July 14th. It had apparently already been pushed once to July 2nd. Apple quickly sold out of launch-day iPhone 4 units yesterday but it’s anyone’s guess as to when they’ll ship given all the glitches in the ordering system so far. Has anyone out there successfully gotten a preorder to go through and, if so, have you been given a ship date yet?

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