E310: The New Xbox 360 S Consumes 50% Less Power

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That didn’t take long.

Microsoft’s latest Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 S, has been torn down and tested. With a new 45nm chipset that houses the CPU, GPU and eDRAM, the Xbox 360 S consumes half the power of previous generation Xbox 360 consoles.

Idling, the 360 S consumes roughly 70.4 watts while previous gen 360 consoles have ranged anywhere from 93.7W to 155.7W. During gameplay (Gears of War 2), the 360 S jumps up to 88W, but it still manages to remain whisper quiet putting out 51dB(A) rather than 54dB(A) when spinning. Knock off an additional 6dB(A) when idle and you’ll barely even notice the thing.

Overall power consumption is down 50% as previously stated and idle power is down 75% compared to the most recent revision of the Xbox 360 codenamed Jasper. It sucks 0.6W compared to 2.0W from the previous generation.

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