Toshiba Libretto W100 Sports Two 7-inch Screens, Windows 7

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It’s hard to get a read on Toshiba’s Libretto W100. It’s being pitched by the company as “a next-gen ultra-mobile concept PC” in honor of Toshiba hitting the 25-year laptop production milestone, yet despite the “concept” tag we’re being treated to a full list of specs and news that the product will actually be sold later this summer as a “limited-edition” computer. It sounds more like Toshiba’s saying it’ll call the device a concept just in case it can’t sell the thing but if it takes off, it’ll become a full-fledged product line.

Whatever the case, it’s an interesting little machine. Somewhat reminiscent of Microsoft’s cool but inexplicably scrapped Courier project, the Libretto W100 features a laptop-style design, yet packs two 7-inch 1024×600 haptic multi-touch screens that can be configured to display web pages, on-screen keyboards, and various program windows.


Under the hood, you’ve got Windows 7 Home Premium, a low-voltage Intel Pentium CPU running at 1.2GHz, 2GB of RAM, 64GB solid state drive, webcam, Bluetooth and B/G/N Wi-Fi, one USB port, an 8-cell battery, and a weight of just 1.8 pounds.

The availability date is simply “later this summer from select retailers and direct from Toshiba.” Something tells me the “concept” part of the equation, plus the two haptic screens, plus the more-than-an-Atom CPU, will price this little guy higher than most people are willing to pay. Toshiba hasn’t made the pricing official, but Engadget is reporting it to be $1100. That’s true limited-edition money right there, folks.

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