Toy Story 3 vs. Incredibles: So What’s the Best Pixar Movie, Anyway?

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I can’t remember when it happened, when I first started to just assume that each and every Pixar project would be gold.

I’m guessing it happened around the time of “Monsters, Inc.” which, ironically enough, wasn’t even one of my favorite Pixar films. One of my least favorite, actually. But the worst Pixar film is still laps ahead of the pack. That realization actually says it all: The worst Pixar film is still usually good enough to make my year-end top ten list.

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That was in 2001, which means that I – along with a whole universe of Pixar fans – have a had a decade’s worth of fail-proof, genius Pixar creations. And with last weekend’s “Toy Story 3” – read my review here – the tradition continues. It was a comedy that worked as a family drama, an existential tragedy, a daydream. It was brilliant, one of Pixar’s best. And so all of us at Techland thought, when will there ever be a better time.

Here’s our list of how the Pixar epics stack up. The best to the worst. Tell us which you agree with! And, of course, which are bunk.

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