How to Fix iPhone 4 Reception Issues With Scotch Tape

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If you’re iRate that your new iPhone seemingly gets all wonky when you cover the lower left corner with your hand, Fast Company has what may be the least expensive fix short of following Steve Jobs’ advice of “Just avoid holding it that way.”

The basic idea is to cut a tiny piece of Scotch tape and place it over the little black strip in the lower left corner of the phone. According to Fast Company, “Your iPhone 4’s twin antennas are now insulated against skin short-circuiting in the ‘problem corner’.”

If you’re too cool to put tape on your phone or hold it daintily with a single thumb and forefinger higher up on the body, you could always buy some sort of case for it. That’d produce the same result. Apparently the idea is to keep your electrified body parts from touching that particular corner.

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