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Monday, July 19, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the web:

Up Front:

The Walking Dead Set Visit [MTV Splash Page]


Amazon Turns 15: A Brief History Of Online Shopping [TIME]
For 72 hours I will allow everyone, following or not, access to my Twitter account. [Voice Eternal]
Apple Responds To Lawmaker’s Questions About Location Data Collection [LA Times]
Laser Gun! New Demo Turns Sci-Fi Into Reality [NewsFeed]
Nokia Siemens To Buy Motorola Unit For $1.2 Billion [Information Week]
50% Of Box Office 3D Within 3 Years [Deadline]
Redbox Plots Web Strategy In Challenge To Netflix [Bloomberg]
What I’ll Miss About Blockbuster [Salon]


Microsoft Patent Shows A Dual-Mode Xbox 360 Controller [Gizmodo]
30 Things We Will Know About Video Games In 30 Years [Kotaku]
SDCC 10: Scott Pilgrim Comes To XBLA [IGN]
Rock Band 3 Going Pro October 26 [Joystiq]


Dora The Explorer Explains Inception [The Daily What]
Own A Piece Of LOST: Pretty Much Everything A Cast Member Touched Or Looked At Being Auction [The A.V. Club]
Web Series Guide To Comic Con 2010 [Tubefilter]
Inception Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explains Dreamy Hallway Fight [MTV]
DJ Osymyso’s Scott Pilgrim Remixes [Slash Film]
New Thor Photo Reveals Hall of Asgard Featuring Fandral, Hogun, Frigga & Helmets [Slash Film]
Inception‘s Dileep Rao Answers All Your Questions About Inception [NY Mag]


The Weinstein Company Plans Nighttime, Off-Site Comic Con Exhibition For Piranha 3D [Slash Film]
Wind In The Willows Begins To Stir With Teaser Trailer [LA Times]
Simon Pegg Returns For Mission: Impossible 4 [Slash Film]
Tim Burton Developing Monsterpocalyse, Full Details Revealed [Slash Film]


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Obama vs. Zombies tee ($20, Etsy)

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