App Of The Week: MapHook

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Editor’s Note: Today, we’re rolling out the first of our App Of The Week series, where we’ll take a look at a new app (iPhone, Android, iPad or otherwise) and bring you comprehensive reviews on the latest and greatest in the app world. If you’ve got a suggestion, please feel free to email us at

I can never remember the locale of that perfectly charming bookstore. Never. If you’re like me, and mapping just didn’t come standard with your mental software, check out MapHook (free for iPhone). Part location-based mapper, part social network, the app allows you to pinpoint your location with sharable comments and links.

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The premise is simple, but goes just above your basic Google Maps pin. By adding “hooks” to places on the map (done by using the location software on your iPhone) you catalog your spots of interest. Add text, photos or links from Yelp or Wikipedia to make them available to all MapHook users (who will see your hooks when they’re in the area) or just keep a list for yourself, marked as private. (You can still email locations to any email address, without having to share them with the world.) Overall, it’s clever, though not overly complex, and, if you’re in an urban environment, it could prove darn handy.

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