How To Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font

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How many of you believed we’d live in a world where our handwriting would become a novelty? (Show of hands?) E-mail is uniform and impersonal, and a handwritten note doesn’t meet today’s instant gratification standard of messaging. But melding the two? Now, that’s enticing. allows you to turn your handwriting into a font using your computer’s webcam.

Here’s how it works:


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Download the letter template from the web site. Fill it in. (Hint: Try to be as proportional as possible, or like mine, your font will look childish when you type.) When finished, hold the template up in front of your webcam, matching grids as best you can.

The handwriting will load onto the page automatically, and allow you to make fixes before it’s finalized.

Test it out:

Do some typing as a tester. It will look oddly like your own handwriting, though because so much of how your script appears is influenced by writing letters in sequence and not individually, it may seem a little childish. This looks like what I wrote when I was eight.

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Send an e-mail:

You can send e-mails only through Pilot Handwriting because the font itself, you cannot load onto your computer. Use it for a few hours. Be amazed at technology. Then, go back to Gmailing your little heart out.

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