Flynn’s Arcade Opens Its Doors

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We knew Disney would be putting together another Flynn’s Arcade this year at Comic-Con but it wasn’t clear when they’d actually open the doors. The buzz over Flynn’s began last night with instructions for Twitter followers to earn access to an “exclusive event” by going on a scavenger hunt near the arcade.

I participated in no such thing since Graeme texted me at 10:10PM to head over to Flynn’s for the big reveal. Security was a bit lax. I just walked up and walked in past the hundreds of folks lining up to get in.

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Upon entering Flynn’s you’re greeted with dozens of dusty and covered arcade machines. After a few seconds the lights started to flicker and 80s pop music began to blare and we’re ushered into the inner sanctum through the Tron game. Sound bites from the trailer played overhead as we entered Kevin Flynn’s back room where his computer is set up. We’re then zapped and sent off to another room and up a walkway with a blinding whitish light just like Sam before he enters the arena. It was like walking through a haunted house during Halloween. I was half expecting Michael Sheen’s character to jump out and bonk me over the head with his cane.

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I suppose the big reveal was the club-like room in the way, way back where hundreds of folks were milling about to dance music and fighting for face time with Bruce Boxleitner and Joe Kosinski. Models were dressed in disc suits with Coke Zero being handed out. Aside from the people watching, the Tron: Legacy paraphernalia we’d seen at E3 and shortly after were set up for folks to check out.

Now I’m just wondering what I’m supposed to do with these Flynn’s Arcade tokens.

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