Video: Highlights of the Walking Dead Panel

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We weren’t able to attend AMC’s The Walking Dead panel yesterday because, well, AMC is new to Comic-Con and they sort of proved that yesterday. Not to sound like an entitled jerk or anything but we – the media – don’t really have the time to wait on line for hours to get into a panel. There are a lot of panels at Comic-Con that we have to cover and the majority of studios set aside a number of seats for press. It’s just the way things work.

AMC apparently did not get the memo. Executives were too busy patting themselves on the back in the front row or wherever they blocked off seats, so I’d imagine a lot of press weren’t able to cover the panel. It’s a shame, really. Regardless, AMC just released highlights from the panel. And don’t forget to check out the updated bootleg video of the footage shown during the panel.

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