Comic-Con Wrap Up: Winners and Losers of This Year’s Con

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It’s inevitable to be overwhelmed at Comic-Con. The crowds. The lines. The vastness of geekery occurring all around you. But how to digest it all? Sure, the big, sparkly promotions were great in the moment. But a few days removed, some of the “magic” seems to be more smoke and mirrors. That’s the fickle nature of the Con. Jam-packed with new titles/stars/films all vying for a top spot on next year’s “Best” list, it’s all a little hard to gauge. That’s where we come in. We came. We conquered. We loved. We hated. We even caught wind some guy was stabbed. (Yeep.)

But as we wrap up our time in San Diego (and attempt to wash this commercialized branding stench out of our hair) we’re bringing you our list of this year’s best and worst of Comic-Con.

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