Comics on Our Pull List 7/28/10

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It’s Tuesday. Have you gotten all the Thor/Cap bro hugs out of your system? Good, because it’s back to business at your local comic shop. Here are some comics that I’m really hoping won’t suck but I’ve been wrong in the past. We got our usual Issue Number One pick in there as well as a series finale. Join us.

American Vampire #5
Sadly the first arc of American Vampire is over. Issue #5 sees the end of both of the story lines we got with each issue. Pearl Jones takes on the coven of fanged bastards that ravaged her and tossed her away. We also get the finale of the Skinner Sweet story. Artist Rafael Albuquerque continues to draw a book where every single panel has been a damned treat. If you haven’t been picking this up make sure you get the inevitable trade.

Wolverine Origins #50
I remember when Wolverine was revealed to be James Howlett in Origin and I was satisfied. Then it was announced that Wolvie was getting his memories back and we’d learn all about it in Origins. Then came
carbonadium and after that Romulus. Mix in some Daken and my enthusiasm dropped fast for the series. Origins concludes with #50 and I still have to admit I want to know what’s going to happen. You win this round, Marvel.

Wonder Woman #601
Wonder Woman and her cropped leather jacket of Power are kicking off a new chapter in the mythos of our favorite Amazon. J. Michael Straczyinski will take Diana on a quest to find out who or what destroyed Pardise Island. Bold new direction or short-lived costume PR stunt? I guess we’ll see.

Batman the Return of Bruce Wayne #4
It’s cowboy Batman! C’mon! I was probably more excited about pirate Batman but he’s going to be rolling with Hex in this issue. Not to mention the fact that Cameron Stewart is on art duties. (Update: maybe Stewart is not on art duties? Who is Georges Jeanty?) It would be nice to see Bats slinging a Winchester but we’re probably going to have to settle for some lasso shenanigans.

Artifacts #1
My Top Cow experience has been limited to a handful of issues of Witchblade (I was in high school during the 90’s after all) and a fairly faithful allegiance to the Magdalena. After that it trails off rather quickly. Artifacts is billed as a crossover event years in the making. Thirteen mystical artifacts, including the Witchblade and the Darkness, could be the key to destroying the world. Or something. I’m just a sucker for crossovers.