Is T-Mobile’s Mystery HSPA+ Smartphone a New Sidekick?

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T-Mobile launched a teaser site for a mysterious HSPA+ smartphone and rumors suggest this will be the long awaited HTC G1 upgrade most every Android fan has been waiting for. Or maybe not.

A quick look at the source code and its server suggests it could be a new Sidekick. Beyond that the site simply says, “The Revolution Continues” followed by “Later this year, the first HSPA+ smartphone from T-Mobile will shape the next generation. Yours.” All of that implies that it could be a Sidekick-like device.

T-Mobile halted all sales of existing Sidekick devices earlier this month to “further innovate and raise the bar for the next iteration” of the popular franchise and this just might be it.

I just wonder what that protrusion on the lower left corner is. Any ideas?

[via BGR]