Motorola and Verizon to Offer 10-inch FiOS Android Tablet?

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Picture this, Verizon FiOS customers: a 10-inch Android tablet that’s thinner and lighter than the iPad and lets you watch TV on it. Maybe the price of it is greatly subsidized for every new FiOS customer who agrees to a two-year contract. Maybe it’ll be here within a few months.

That’s what the Financial Times is hinting at. Not the subsidized pricing—I threw that in there for good measure. But the idea, according to “people briefed on the plans,” is that Motorola would make this magic portable TV/Android tablet in conjunction with Verizon and tied to FiOS service. The tablet will apparently also feature front- and rear-facing cameras.

This wouldn’t be the first time Verizon resorted to bundling hardware products in order to get people to sign up for new service. In the past, the company has given away flat-panel TVs, netbooks, and even Flip camcorders to entice new customers to sign up. And, as the Financial Times points out, Motorola already makes the FiOS set-top boxes for Verizon. So it’s not a huge stretch to imagine Motorola making a FiOS tablet as well.

If and when this tablet comes to market, it’ll be most interesting to see what it’s priced at and if Motorola will make a non-FiOS version for those of us outside Verizon’s service area.

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