Apple Rumors Suggest New iPods, Smaller iPad, and More

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Ah yes, more Apple rumors. About as dependable in frequency as they are undependable in accuracy, they must all be reported no matter what. This latest round comes from iLounge, who cites a “highly reliable source” while cautioning us to “take this report with the requisite grains of salt.” They do pretty good work over there at iLounge and have been on target with some Apple rumors in the past, so this stuff is definitely worth a look.

First up, new iPods. Not a surprise, really, and they’ll probably be announced in early September as they are just about every year. Apple holds a press event to announce back-to-school products, almost always showcasing some new iPod models. According to iLounge, we can expect a new model of the iPod nano, a new iPod touch, and one that “may be a small (1.7″) touchscreen replacement for the iPod shuffle.” There’s also a mention of a standard iPod model with a three-inch touchscreen.

And then there’s the requisite smaller iPad rumor, which iLounge tips as a 7-inch version that “will be ready for announcement either later this year or early in 2011.” Without knowing if this particular rumor is true or not, I can personally guarantee you that iPads of various screen sizes will hit the market eventually. And that’s based on zero reliable sources.

A 7-inch iPad would be interesting, though. Still too big to pocket, still too small to replace a netbook, it’d likely be purely a way to cut the price tag and reduce weight—two major complaints about the current iPad. It would also potentially be able to compete with eBook readers a bit more directly.

A new iPhone? Even iLounge admits this is “hard to believe,” but the rumor is that “Apple is pushing up the release date of the fifth-generation iPhone to early 2011 (as soon as January) because of the antenna issues with the iPhone 4.” Cue up the Verizon-iPhone-in-January rumors while we’re at it.

And finally, the least interesting of all the rumors (and probably the most likely), Apple may be at work on cheaper bumpers to give away as part of its free iPhone 4 bumpers blitz. These would be made entirely of silicone and given away after the initial free bumper deal ends in September.

Check out the entire post over at iLounge for more info.

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