Sezmi Personalized TV Fuses Local Channels and Web Video

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The Sezmi TV service was rolled out in the LA area back in 2008 but has recently expanded its availability to 36 additional markets. The package consists of a $149 TiVo-like receiver that hooks up to your broadband internet connection and a high-powered TV antenna capable of pulling in free, over-the-air, local HD channels.

For a $5 per month subscription fee, you get access to all your local channels, various web video services, and a large selection of on-demand shows and movies available to rent or purchase. The built-in DVR feature can store up to 1,400 hours of video and record two shows at once.

Sezmi can be personalized to each member of your house so that when you press your specific “mi” button on the remote control, you’ll be presented with a list of your favorite channels, recorded shows, and movies you might like.

The LA market has access to a $20 per month plan that offers local programming along with several popular cable channels: Comedy Central, TBS, CNN, USA, Discovery, Bravo, SyFy, and a handful of others.

The allure of the service is that it allows people looking to dump cable a relatively simple solution that’s all contained in one package. You could probably get a similar outcome with a media center PC hooked up to your TV, but that’s a bit more work than most people want to deal with. Sezmi promises a 30-minute setup time, and the DVR and personalization features coupled with the relatively inexpensive box may help to offset the $5 per month fee.

The service is available through Best Buy and is currently available in most major markets. Check this list on Sezmi’s website to see if you’re covered.

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