Apple Shoves ‘Lite’ Apps into ‘Try Before You Buy’ Section

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If you’ve made your way through the iPhone’s App Store, you’ve no doubt noticed several apps being sold for a certain price alongside a “lite” version of the same app. It’s more or less a feature-restricted version of the app meant to entice you to buy the full version.

There’s now a new section of the App Store called “Try Before You Buy,” which is basically a repository for these lite apps categorized into featured listings, most popular listings, and by release date.

You’ll still find the lite apps scattered about the regular for-pay listings, too, so it’s unclear whether Apple is attempting to eventually separate full versions from trial versions or is just setting up a place where people can go to quickly find various demo apps before throwing down for the full versions.

In a perfect world, there’d be one version of each app with some sort of time restricted trial or refund period. It’d cut down on the sheer number of apps to wade through in the App Store. My guess is that Apple may someday require all “lite” apps to get housed in this Try Before You Buy section and maybe add links from the full versions’ info pages to the respective lite versions.


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