App of the Week: AT&T U-Verse

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This week’s app is admittedly limited in scope but for those of you living in one of 22 states where AT&T offers U-verse TV service, the U-verse app is perfect for any TV junkie with an iPhone or BlackBerry Torch.

The free app allows you to peruse your U-verse TV programming guide, as well as scheduling and managing your DVR. So what, right? Well, U-verse Mobile even lets you download shows directly to your mobile device from your DVR queue. You’ll have to do it over Wi-Fi but it’s free for any U300 package (and above) subscriber.

Being a FiOS customer, I’m a little annoyed that I can’t do this. Maybe Verizon and Google will tack this on as a feature for Verizon subscribers with an Android device.

U-verse Mobile [iTunes]


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