Mass Effect 2 Coming to PS3 in January 2011 [UPDATED with Trailer]

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Ever since Mass Effect 2 came out in January, the Xbox 360’s been the only place for fans to experience Commander Shepard’s continuing fight against the Reapers. But, at Germany’s Gamescom trade fair, BioWare’s co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka announced that the sci-fi action RPG sequel would be hitting Sony’s console early next year.

Of course, there’s one small problem: Mass Effect 1 never came out for the PS3. The first game with Commander Shepard was an Xbox exclusive, and it’s unclear as to whether EA/BioWare would have to buy back the rights to that game or if that exclusivity has already lapsed.  Either way, I’d hazard a guess that PS3 owners will be getting a ‘remastered’ ME1, ME2 and all of the second title’s DLC on one giant Blu-Ray disc. If this actually happens, PS3 owners might get a better Mass Effect experience than the one 360 players got at the notoriously buggy game’s initial release.