Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Folds Flat, Features Touch Scroll

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That mysterious peripheral that the Microsoft Hardware team was teasing via Twitter a couple weeks back is indeed the Arc Touch Mouse, as proposed by documents unearthed shortly after the guessing game started.

PC owners jealous of Apple’s Magic Mouse will be happy to hear that the Arc Touch packs the same type of touch scrolling feature, as a translated product page from a German web store lists the “New Touch-Scroll function” as enabling “the finger tip over the large sensor to quickly scroll through long documents or Web sites.”

Other features include Microsoft’s Blue Track technology, which allows the mouse’s laser to work on just about any surface, a 2.4GHz wireless connection, and a symmetrical design so both righties and lefties can use the mouse. And of course, there’s the moderately useful feature of being able to fold the mouse down flat for easy transport.

The Arc Touch Mouse is listed for around 70 Euro on the German site, which Engadget points out is roughly the same price of Apple’s Magic Mouse in Europe. So it’d stand to reason that the Arc Touch Mouse would cost around $70 here in the US, seeing that the Magic Mouse costs $69 from Apple.

The German site lists a ship date of around October 13th—could be earlier here, could be later. Now that the cat’s really out of the bag we may get the actual details directly from Microsoft relatively soon.

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