Razer Introduces New High-End Gaming Keyboard

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I don’t do much PC gaming, but I’ve heard tell that nothing’s worse than an mouse or keyboard that don’t perform the way you need them to. Gaming peripheral company Razer has already cornered the market on high-performance mice for the click-to-frag set and now they’re aiming to deliver a killer QWERTY, too.

Razer’s announcing a new BlackWidow mechanical keyboard optimized for all your Team Fortress 2, Starcraft II and WoW needs. The secret’s in changing the travel distance necessary for input. From the press release:

The Razer BlackWidow features a uniquely tactile mechanical key architecture that provides each key on the keyboard with a crisp response and tactile feedback similar to a mouse click. Coupled with a unique key actuation point halfway through the full travel distance, the optimized mechanical key structure found in each of the Razer BlackWidow’s keys provide for greater precision and accuracy versus other traditional mechanical keyboards.  
The keys on the Razer BlackWidow also feature one of the lightest actuation forces for all keyboards. The key actuation force has been optimized by the Razer design team from readily available components but sorted with the rigorous quality standards that Razer is known for.  As a result, this enhanced key force allows gamers to type and click much faster than other mechanical keyboards in the industry.

The BlackWidow will also feature five programmable keys that you can assign specific functions to. An Ultimate Edition will feature adjustable backlighting, audio-in and-out jacks and an extra USB port. The BlackWidow and BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboards hits stores in September for $79 and $129, respectively.