Piranha Power! The Giddiest, Goofiest, Most Craptacular 3-D Cinema

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Oh, Piranha 3-D, we love you so. All the blood, all the screams, all the unneeded 3-D nudity – you’re so bad, but so, so right.

It might just be our top guilty pleasure of the year – and the best B-movie in recent memory. Way better than “Snakes on a Plane,” right up there with “Grindhouse.” And it makes a giddy case for wacky, over-the-top uses of 3-D everywhere.

In honor of Piranha 3-D, which racked up a cool $10 million this past weekend, we look back through a few of my personal guilty favorites – the schlockiest 3-D memories that were conjured by all that 3-D blood in the water.

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