Panel of the Week 8/25/10

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Each week I rush home with my pile of new comics and while they still have that new comic smell (not to be confused with old longbox comic smell) I pour over them and look for the Panel of the Week. This week’s installment features desk chair heroes, the anti Herbie, the Point Break galactic sequel, Metallo lite, and an unlocked Street Fighter costume.

Superman Secret Origin #6
Now that it’s over I have to say that I prefer the Superman origin story, Birthright told by Waid and drawn by Yu. This last installment, the weakest of the six, featured a so-so fight against a re-imagined Metallo. The kryptonite-hearted baddie looked, well, ridiculous. Past iterations of the villain saw him appear more as a cyborg, more mechanical. Here he’s just a guy in green tights.

The Darkness Four Horseman #1
The Darkness is going to take on the four horseman of the apocalypse. These horseman ride Harley’s and look like some stereotypical Hell’s Angels. If you’re going to take on an order like that you can’t bring The Mystery Machine to the party, oh no. You’re going to need a grinning Darknessmobile.

Invincible #74
I made mention of this in the last issue of Invincible but I didn’t actually get a good panel of it in here: bearded Mark looks an awful lot like Keanu Reeves. To say nothing of the fact that his new/old uniform is in tatters. Again. Maybe that’s why dad wears that ridiculous onesie with no feet. It’s just less uniform to shred up in these over the top brawls.

Punisher MAX Happy Ending (One Shot)
Peter Milligan does a great job of putting the average schlub’s daydream on paper. This is another Punisher comic that doesn’t really feature the Punisher all that much. It features a world where the Punisher is this natural force. He’s just out there, unstoppable and unknown. Here Joe the accountant does his best Tyler Durden and finally feels alive as he defends a thieving escort from a rampaging mob boss. It beats my Friday night.

Ultimate Mystery #2
Over in Ultimate Mystery Captain Marvel’s alien tech suit becomes compromised by something. I guess that something is part of the Ultimate Mystery. It’s no mystery to me, though. It’s obviously the disembodied spirit of Blanka.

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